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North Cariboo Black Onion Jam

North Cariboo Black Onion Jam

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Our onion jam has been a best seller since we first introduced it a the Quesnel Farmers Market in 2008. It is wonderful along side meats and poultry, and it really shines in a grilled cheese sandwich on crusty bread. We love to use it as a cooking sauce and glaze too. Try pouring it over a pot roast while it's cooking and you'll see what we mean!

Ingredients: BC onions, birch syrup, maple syrup, vinegar, brown sugar, spices and natural pectin.

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What's Cooking?

Can I use my pepper jelly in cooking?

Yes, by all means! Pepper jelly makes an incredible glaze for meats, fish and vegetables. Try brushing pepper jelly on a slab of seasoned salmon before baking it in a 425F oven for about 10 minutes, (depending on the thickness of your fish). When it is done, run it under the broiler for about 2-3 minutes to finish.

What can I do with the little bit of pepper jelly I have left in my jar?

Make a quick vinaigrette to dress up a simple salad of leafy greens by adding a little oil, vinegar, salt and pepper to the remaining pepper jelly. Add a few berries or some seeds and toss to coat everything lightly before serving.

Can I bake with pepper jelly?

Absolutely! Get creative in your kitchen. Try making a sharp cheddar shortbread thumbprint cookie and fill the center with any of our pepper jellies for a sweet and savory appetizer.

Or even easier, line mini tart tins with ready made puff pastry, add a small cube of cream cheese to each tin and top with a teaspoon of pepper jelly. Bake according to the directions on your puff pastry box.