Make It a Mocktail - Lime Margarita Infusion Kit

Make a batch of delicious Lime Margarita Mocktails with your infusion kit.


A one litre glass jar with a tight-fitting lid makes an ideal container for infusing. We like to use a mason jar. You could also recycle a one litre pickle jar if you like. Just be certain it is scrupulously clean.

  1. Put the infusion bag with it’s contents into your glass container. Set the bag of garnishes aside for later use.
  2. Add 2 cups of Lime Flavoured Sparkling Water to the infusion vessel, making certain the infusion bag is fully covered. If it is not covered, add additional sparkling water until the bag is submerged.
  3. Close the jar with the lid and set it on your counter for 3-6 days. Be sure to give the jar a shake a few times a day to be certain flavours are dispersing in the liquid.
  4. After a minimum of 3 days has passed, remove the infusion bag. We suggest placing the bag in a fine mesh strainer over a bowl. Squeeze the contents of the infusion bag to release any liquid.
  5. Remove the bag from the strainer and discard, then pour the contents of your jar into the strainer to remove any bits of fruit that may have escaped the jar.
  6. Wash your jar and pour the infused liquid back into the jar.
  7. Put the infused concentrate into the refrigerator until read to use.


Your Lime Margarita Mocktail infusion will keep in the fridge for approximately 2 weeks and will make 8 – 10 mocktails, depending on how strong you make them.

Serving Suggestion:

Don't own Margarita glasses? No problem. Old Fashioned/Rocks glasses or stemless martini glasses are perfect for serving up your Lime Margarita Mocktail.

  1. Run a lime wedge around the rim of a glass and then dip into the included Chili Lime mixture. Set the glass aside.
  2. Grab a cocktail shaker or a clean mason jar with a lid and add ice cubes, 2 oz of your Lime Margarita Mocktail infusion and 1 oz of fresh lime juice. Give it a good shake to chill the mixture.
  3. Next fill your salted glass three-quarters full of crushed ice, and then strain the chilled Lime Margarita mixture into the glass. Garnish with a lime wheel from the garnish package and serve.