New Cocktail Infusion Kits Dropping November, 2023

Throughout Spring and Summer 2023 Red Bluff Pickles & Provisions offered a refreshing selection of Mocktails at the Quesnel Farmers' Market. Our offerings were so well-received, that we decided to create a range of Cocktail Infusion Kits that could easily be tailored for Mocktail lovers as well.

Our new Cocktail Infusion Kits include some popular flavour profiles that can easily be made at home, at the cabin or just about anywhere you like. Each kit includes a food grade infusion bag, dehydrated fruit, spices like ginger and jalapeno, garnish packages and instructions. Each kit makes 8 - 10 drinks depending on how strong you like your cocktails or mocktails!

Stock up on kits for the holidays and for gifting too!

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